Overview of Bhutan

The kingdom of Bhutan might not be a modernized country with major foreign investments and influence but they have really stuck to their roots to maintain their rich heritage and culture that seems to be a beautiful secret worth exploring. Bhutan is really no ordinary place; they are an epitome of beauty with perfect living conditions which is justifiable on why the people of Bhutan are one of the Happiest in the world.

Traveling to Bhutan is really less stressed for Indians due to nonpayment of the Royal fees that other nationals are made to pay. It is really important to understand the entry permits before you actually visit Bhutan but when you hire us, we have you covered with all these process so that you can have a stress free Bhutan experience.

It isn’t unknown to all about how well a destination Bhutan really is and the scope of adventure activities besides archery their national sport. While here you can also plan trekking and hiking to some places and get lost for some thrill. Try their Ema Datshi or some other cuisines along others that are distinctly delicious. We have different packages for Bhutan which covers the most exotic places along with the best of local culture that you have always dreamed of experiencing.


Chele La Pass

It is a beautiful Pass as its name suggests and you will find it while you are on your way to the Haa Valley. The Pass is a must visit and stands at an altitude of around 3989 meters. It is definitely one of the wonders that you must visit atleast once a lifetime.

Key Attractions :
  • Magnificent panoramic view of the valleys
Punakha Dzong

Located in Punakha the Punakha Dzong is the second largest dzong inside Bhutan and is built beautifully. The Dzong displays brilliant Buddhist architecture and heritage and the place is also very soothing and serene.

Key Attractions :
  • The paintings and the architecture of the fort and The Sacred Relics found there.
Buddha Dordenma Statue

It is one of the most engaging places inside Thimphu and can be seen from around the capital due to its enormous height. It is about 169 feet tall and the statue of Buddha is made from pure Gold and Bronze. It lies on the foothills of the valley.

Key Attractions :
  • The 169 feet tall Buddha statue
Dochula Pass

The beautiful pass is another spot which engages a lot of tourist. It consists of 108 Chortens or Stupas which are a sign of peace and also a memorial for the soldiers that have died fighting for the country. The pass also provides a beautiful view of the Gangkar Puensum peak in its background.

Key Attractions :
  • sacred Himalayan Mountain – Chomolhari temple
Tiger’s Nest

There is simply no one that hasn’t heard or seen a pic of the famous Tiger’s Nest or the Taktsang Monastery. It accounts for one of the most visited spots and also brings in global tourist who takes the trek to have the view of the Tiger’s Nest at least once.

Key Attractions :
  • The cave temple inside the monastery
Phobjikha Valley

It is small town in the central Bhutan that is excellently beautiful. The town is a valley with perfect scenery and surroundings consisting of lush greenery and mountains. It is also an excellent area for a hike through the woods and the serene environment.

Key Attractions :
  • Black-necked cranes that migrate to Phobjikha

Chomolhari is among the globally popular Bhutan tourist spots, engaging for its treks and natural beauty. The Chomolhari trek is a must do activity which starts at Paro and goes up untill an altitude of about 5,000 meters.

Key Attractions :
  • The glacial lakes and the snow capped mountains
National Museum Of Bhutan

While in Bhutan it is advisable to visit the Museum of Bhutan which is built in the year 1968. It is built above the famous Rinpung Dzong, and displays some of the most famous Bhutanese pieces of art along with ethnic paintings and statues. The National museum houses about 3000 masterpiece arts and displays more than 1,500 years of cultural heritage.

Key Attractions :
  • Bronze statues and ancient paintings.