Overview of Dooars

Once you start moving away from the Himalayan foothills you will reach the rich biodiversity, forest, wildlife and witness unique cultures that are amazingly different. The area of the Dooars normally falls under the Eastern Himalayan foothills around the valleys of Bhutan. The areas are probably rich in greenery and give about fresh essence of wild forest that are normally raw and untouched. Several tourist visit here to spend some time in an immensely peaceful surrounding rich with natural parks, wildlife and glittering streams.

Let us guide you on the different aspects of Dooars that make it a tourism wonderland. The forests are very popular in Dooars and the most popular ones would be the Gorumara, Jaldapara and the Buxa reserve areas. These three National park, wildlife sanctuary and a reserve have been favaourites for many years now. The whole of Dooars have tremendous capabilities and has gained huge momentum in recent years as it is beautiful inside out. Tourists have now started to discover the hidden treasures of Dooars that have for a long time been unexplored.

We are here to give you a detailed travel plan of the Dooars covering even the least popular places inside along with awesome places like Samsing, Bindu, Jhalong, Chapramari and few other wonders. The Dooars also include the high lands of Kalimpong’s Lava, Lolegaon and Rishop which are beautiful beyond words. We have personally selected the stays to give you an experience which is splendid.


Buxa Tiger Reserve

It is one of the most visited places famous for its Tiger Reserve and once a dolomite mine. The reserve gained its status in 1983 and was further upgraded into a National Park only in 1992. It is one of the treasures of the Dooars quite near to the Bhutan border.

The extended area of the Gorumara National park is another beautiful wildlife sanctuary situated in the western Dooars. The forest is pretty serene and is popular for drives along its premises which provide a fresh refreshing feeling. The two areas are divided by the Murti River.

Gorumara National Park

It is one of the first places that tourists visit on their journey to the Dooars. It is a famous National Park which lies between the Murti and the Jaldhaka rivers. It is filled with rich colorful flora and fauna. Its beauty is unexplainable and it is a place worth your time.

Jaldapara National Park

The Jaldapara National Park is a beautiful park which is situated on the foothills of Eastern Himalayas on the banks of river Torsa. The area consists of vast grasslands and river forest which is why there aroused a need to preserve it which was declared in the year 1943.

Bindu Dooars

Bindu is another paradise of the Dooars only 107 km from Siliguri. It is one of the last settlements in the valley type area and is surrounded by the hills of Bhutan and also consists of the river Jaldhaka. It also makes a good tourist and picnic spot worth the visit.


Coochbehar is one of the deepest situated towns of Dooars and also has a great historical significance which is still evident here. The place was named after the Cooch dynasty which ruled the area and made this town its capital for more than 400 years. There still stands Palace of the Cooch Dynasty which must be seen atleast once.


The Jaldhaka valley is throughout a wonderful journey which also provides tremendous tourist hotspots worth visiting. Jhalong and some other areas are under its beautiful area and When someone hears Dooars, Jaldhaka is a favorite that you cannot afford to miss.


Jalpaiguri is the name of a beautiful town inside West Bengal which packs in various sources of tourism opportunities. The district has some of the best natural forests in the region and also has a Teesta river that runs beautifully through it.